私の伝統木版画との初めての出会いについては, このトップページの下に記しましたので是非ご一読ください。

Welcome to my newly opened Tosh Gallery!

I am very pleased to share my favorite woodblock prints including various reference information through my continuous fact-finding research efforts for about 20 years.

As a matter of fact, Dr Ross Walker and I have jointly accomplished in publishing "The Catalogue Raisonne of Tsuchiya Koistu" in January of 2009 after our painstaking attempt for more than 6 years.

I appreciate it if you could read my introductory article of my first encounter with a woodblock print below in this front page

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私の伝統木版画との出会い    My first encounter with a woodblock print


  My first encounetr with a woodblock print led me an unexpected hobby world up to now.
It was an occasion when I enjoyed an authentic crafts exhibition at a department store in summer of 1995 in Tokyo.There I happened to find a woodblock print depicted at left window. At that time I knew nothing about woodblock prints including artist and publisher as a novice. Despite of my innocence, I purchased that print with no hesitation. Because it illustrated an big lantern with the name of "DOI" as a restaurant sign, that, by chance, was the same family name as mine. A few years later it was proved to be a posthumous print entitled "Ushigome Kagurazaka" by an artist named Tsuchiya Koitsu, which was published by Doi Sadaichi in August of 1939.
(Please refer to the related article here at koitsu.com)
My detective investigation on this original print lasted for several years more to conclude. I am very pleased to disclose the whole inside story in my article of "The catalogue Raisonne of Tsuchiya Koitsu" which went on sale in January of 2009.
My consistent theories of collecting prints and of searching rare reference material are that carvers' and printers' technique must be fairly evaluated together with artists' and publisher's efforts. Because these four stars equally contributed to the quality of the woodblock prints in such perfect alignment as so-called "Ukiyoe Quartet"
In any way I have to keep collecting various woodblock prints for further research from now on.

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